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May 27, 2018

Why do I need a Boundary Letter for my business?

The reason is simple. Creating agreeable boundaries is likely to reduce or eliminate misunderstandings thereby leading to more satisfied customers and a more efficient business plan. In the age of texting and emailing, it...

December 27, 2017

A few days past the excitement of Christmas, and the anticipation of a new year around the corner. Today might be a great time to let yourself find stillness and consciously breathe in this moment ☕️🦅🦋 

We Talk about ‘Staying Positive’ … We talk a lot about positive energy, negative energy but what do we really mean? How do these relate to us in our day to day? How do we project ourselves in a positive and negative manner and why? Maybe you’ve heard people say ‘Energy attracts like energy’, and trust me, it’s a valid claim. If we walk into a room cranky, moody, angry, this is likely to set the tone for the response we receive. In our Core Energy training at IPEC, we were trained to understand and assess ourselves and our clients in the seven levels of energy with the ELI assessment tool, as created by founder, Bruce Schneider in 1999. Without getting too technical on you, we break it down into catabolic and anabolic energy levels, catabolic being the more ‘negative’ energies such as fear, guilt, shame, frustration and anger and anabolic levels of acceptance, joy, reason, peace. I think it’s safe to say we all operate our lives on varying levels depending on current circumstances, and the ELI assessment does give us a very accurate score of where we are or how we are ‘showing up’ today. Chances are each of us will have some energy in most or all of the seven levels. The benefits of knowing how we join any situation, whether it be in our career or our home life, is that we can be coached on shifting our energy to higher levels, to what we refer to as a higher consciousness. Essentially, we can learn to be less reactive, more curious, less fearful, better risk takers. When we get more comfortable with the varying levels, we can begin to identify our own behaviors and the feelings attached to them. With this valuable information, transformation is possible. Simply stated, we can turn our catabolic energy into a positive force working for us instead of against. How promising does this sound to you? Reach out to me for a free one hour discovery meeting and let’s talk about how quickly you can experience positive change. info@SusanJCoaching.com

April 8, 2017

February 10, 2017

     I always called this stage a roller coaster, a stage nobody prepares us for or even mentions in passing! It’s the time in your life where a parent calls to tell you the other parent has fallen, or is in the hospital, isn’t doing well. You are hopeful and optimisti...

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August 24, 2018

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