I've had the privilege to meet and work with Susan through our iPEC Coaching program, where we would take turns being friends and coaches to each others.

I felt an immediate connection to Susan, she was a mix of strength and vulnerability, sweet and kind yet never afraid to speak up. She quickly became my go-to person for opinion and advice.
On a professional level, I've been coached by susan many times and have seen her coach, Susan makes magic with her knowledge, her deep understanding of the core energies and how they play out in our lives. Her warm personality, her kindness, her sweet voice can get your coaching relationship far. I highly recommend her as a coach.

I’m tough., It’s not easy for me to take advice, let alone be coached. I base my decisions on facts. I can be opinionated, controlling, protective, and some would say I’m in my head a lot. I have gone to great lengths to make sure I’m right. I work every day for the future to be more successful, and as hard as I work, I wasn’t where I thought I should be by now, I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t fulfilled by my deeds nor the money.  If anything, I was frustrated in realizing my goals were somehow empty. I didn’t know what I wanted anymore. This all changed, and I found my own answers with Susan’s help. Working together, my energy shifted, I saw new possibilities, I got a completely different prospective on what and why I get stuck. If you're tired of doing the same thing, knowing you’re not happy, you will not find a more skilled, professional certified coach! With great thanks, I enthusiastically recommend Susan Hilger for Coaching & Mentoring.


Susan coached me on increasing my energy level under stress.Her intuitiveness and listening skills were key to make me feel at ease and connected.I feel aware,and engaged because of her empowerment and authentic spirit of reaching down to my core.Susan was compassionate, supportive and natural.I am grateful to work with her and I would recommend her to add value to your life . Thank you Susan! 
After working with Susan for over 2 years, her coaching style has consistently been from the heart. The compassion she delivers while tenderly provoking me to go deeper, has allowed me to shed light into the place where fear has held me back.  Not only has she created a supportive space for my untame and emotional rawness to feel safe and not judged, but she reels me back in and helps me to recreate the positive mindset, as we set goals that serve me best.  Her willingness to tackle challenging issues with fearless intent, makes Susan a super effective and much needed coach in this world of chaos and confusion.
Susan is a professional and very knowledgeable life coach. I have worked with her throughout many transitions in my life, Susan takes the time to listen, understand, and holds a beautiful space for people to open up, that allows for revelations to come through. Most of all, Susan is compassionate, sweet, honest and very authentic. I genuinely enjoyed working with her, and highly recommend her!
I wasn't sure what a coach could do to help me deal with a challenging boss. I hadn't been at my new job long enough to make friends and get advice on dealing with my situation. But I had to make my new job work, so I chose to try coaching. It worked out so well for me. Susan pointed me toward things I could control and modify and she helped me to reframe how to deal with a difficult personality that I wasn't likely to change. I feel indebted to Susan for helping me see the forest for the trees. As an added bonus, she helped me speed up making friendships at work, so now I'm not dealing with each obstacle alone. I know I can revisit coaching with Susan for support and direction as my career continues to unfold. I feel so lucky to have found her.

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