• Susan J Hilger

Today ...

Today, in this moment, I can't think of a more meaningful and extraordinary testimonial than the one I am about to share. Last evening I coached my partner, Tim for the first time. He has always expressed willingness to try it, but with a big dash of uncertainty. Since I am facing an important exam, and I sensed we could shift something in his life he desperately wants moved, I asked to coach him. He stepped in willing to trust the process, and I coached him, unattached to his outcome. All for practice ... if you will. What transpired is bigger than either of us anticipated. In the honor of privacy and confidentiality, all I will say to you is that he now has a plan of action he is excited about, he loved being coached, and I discovered something about him I didn't know ... his true hearts purpose and desire. Powerful stuff ...

His words: "I can see where this will benefit everyone, and now I can explain to people what you do because I have experienced it."

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