• Susan J. Hilger

How do we measure how we show up?

Hello friends! During my work to complete my two coaching certifications, I was able to witness exactly how powerful the ELI assessment tool is. This Energy Leadership Index assessment was created by Bruce Schneider (founder of IPEC) in 1999 to view how we are showing up in all areas of our life, with what energy we bring to our environments and how this energy affects our end results. In working with this tool and in debriefing my peers, I saw phenomenal eye-opening results. Now with both certifications, I want to open this opportunity up for any of you who would like to experience this tool, the cost is minimal and the results are invaluable. Email me: info@susanjcoaching.com #lifegoals #lifecoach #Energy #ELI #assessments #empower #selfcare


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