• Susan J Hilger

Getting Oily

I have fallen head over heels into essential oils, I've 'eaten the sandwich' meaning there is no turning back. After experiencing a major trauma this year, the second of two, a stranger I met on Instagram reached out to me, mailed me samples and sent me her sweet blessings as I sat in the same chair of the trauma ICU waiting room every day for 4 days. When something changes your being at a time of you can't find stillness, you trust your faith in it.

Hence, my new mad love for essential oils. I have always had a few oils around ... namely patchouli, lavender and tea tree oil, but I only used them on rare occasions. So I went straight into researching, asked lots of dumb questions, what is PV, how do you use these, what's the difference. I read blog posts about oils at 4 am, I ordered a bottle of each brand I wanted to try from Amazon.com. I revisited Nicole at @Young Living and she gave me a virtual tour of their business.

Not only did I shift, but I have a believer in Tim, and we both take time every morning to find the oils. Call us silly, but I can't imagine life without these smelly little bottles all around me.

How do they help us? They soothe me, give me confidence, they are relaxing, empowering. They give us control over how we feel in the midst of stress or chaos. There is only one way to experience them, and that is to try them out for yourself. 

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