• Susan J Hilger

It's Your Boat ⛵️

I believe we all have those moments in time where we feel we have failed, fallen short, lost our way, and we find ourselves sinking in the trap of a scarcity mindset. We begin to feel as if we don't have enough, we didn't do enough, we are not enough.

If there is one thing I have learned through my coach training, it's that we are all 'enough'. If we are willing to look inside ourselves, and evaluate where we are through some core energy work, we can shift our energy and our mindset to one of confidence, one of abundance, of generosity and that we are enough. We just have to want it. It's your boat, you are driving ... set your sights on what it is you are reaching for and let's go get it <3

I. A. M.

Imagine. Articulate. Manifest

#lifecoach #AwakenYourInnerWarrior #IAM

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