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Playing with Mudras and Acceptance ✨

Here come the holidays, a time for long awaited visits and meals and love. Add in a some family gatherings ...  stressors, travel anxiety, and gluttony guilt.

Yesterday, I tried my local yoga studio in my new city for the 3rd or 4th time. Yes, I do have a favorite instructor this soon. Andrea was teaching and greeted me at the front desk. As I explained my newness and asked about packages, she looked at me and said "So nice to have you here, how do you feel?" I was taken by surprise, how thoughtful and mindful to ask someone who made a big move how they 'feel'? She went on to tell me about her move to St. Pete, of her warm welcome, and suggested I become a part of their yoga community, that I spend time there.

To add to the comfort she had already offered up in a giant tea cup, she started class with the Pushan mudra, one I will keep with me always, a practice in Acceptance! I loved her share, it's asymmetry, and that she connected it to potential holiday anxiety. Without any further delay ... allow me to share the same, found at shareyoga.com. Don't do yoga? Sit on the floor and enjoy the mudra and find acceptance in the midst of your holiday hoopla.

Practicing Acceptance:


This is the mudra of nourishment and digestion. I’ve also heard it called the anger management mudra or the acceptance mudra. This mudra helps you accept and receive what life is offering presently (even if you’re not that into it) with grace and wisdom, and with the other hand (this is an asymmetric mudra) it helps you let things go, like difficult emotions or hurtful encounters.

This mudra also influences the energies of digestion, helping to absorb and utilize food. Did you know many of us have digestive systems that do not fully draw nutrients from our food, no matter how well we might be eating? True story – this mudra will help digest food fully, though.

It also helps relax the digestive organs, and activates energies for detoxification and proper elimination. With all the rich food the holidays usually bring, our digestive systems can get a little overwhelmed and we can begin to feel sluggish, bloated or gassy. This mudra will help with this, as well.

How to:

In the right hand, touch the top portion of the thumb with the top portions of the middle and ring fingers.

In the left hand, touch the top portion of the thumb with the top portions of the index and middle fingers and press gently. Do this for about 5 minutes after a big meal or whenever you want to let go of anger. You can do this sitting, standing or walking. Fun to try in Tree pose as well.

What a gift, to find such warmth in a new acquaintance, in a 'strange' and beautiful studio, near our new home. How can I even say grateful enough?

Enjoy and feast 💜🥂🤸🏻‍♂️

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