• Susan J Hilger

I worry 😱

I worry. My mom worried. She was the consummate worrier. One of the reasons I’m tackling my worry like a warrior is because I watched her steal her own joy most days with the idea of worry.

Almost 100% of the worry I experience is over things I imagine may happen. In reality, anything may happen, leaving my imagination wayyyy too much space to roam.

I practice two things to work on my worry, and I practice almost daily. Why? Because it robs joy, it takes away my potentially happiest moments; most likely for nothing, for an imagined problem or crisis.

First ... I follow the Louise Hay practice of positive affirmations, of knowing our thoughts become our present and future. What we focus on becomes our reality. If we focus on scarcity, we live scarcity. If we focus on manifesting our abundant lives, we can own that life.I focus on seeing me reaching my goals, the universe providing all I need, and I visualize myself knowing joy.

Second, I remember to live in the moment, the ‘right-freaking-now.’ If you know you only have today, this hour, this minute, how can you worry about what may happen or feel guilt about what did happen? You cannot. The now feels like joy, like a perfect moment, and finding myself feeling and knowing only that present space, I am relaxed, content, at peace.

Maybe these two ideas will help others escape worry. They are both valuable tools and well worth the positive experience. 

Cheers to the right now 🍷🙏🏻.

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