• Susan J Hilger

Are You Tired of What Is?

     What gets in our way? How do we break through our 'self limiting' beliefs, how do we redesign or rewrite our stories to fit our future goals and make room for effective change. 

     We get beyond life's distractions, we reach inside and find the answers by holding space, asking insightful questions to conquer our fears and negative speak. 

     We create action by shifting our emotional energy and we move out of that safety zone into a place of freedom and expression. It's from this place we write our story.

     Coaching is a creative way to see effective change where you are seeking a shift, to take a close look at our limiting beliefs that may be keeping us from moving toward our life goals

     Are you in a stage of your life where you crave change or more for yourself, but we don't feel empowered enough to take the next right step? Many women feel the need for autonomy or independence. This doesn't mean they don't want or love their marriage or family but that they need more 'self' in their day to day life. Women often put ourselves after our career, our family and don't leave time for our own self care.

     Do you somtimes feel stuck, as if you aren't moving forward? Often it takes a little extra something to get us going in a new or better direction. Let's begin your exciting exploration to define and achieve your goals, to meet your higher and greater self, to create or recreate your vision. Working together, we can organically move your energy and consciousness to a higher level and broaden your scope of achievements and possibilities and awaken your inner warrior.

     During this process, you will learn tools to visualize and manifest your new story, to prosper, to reach your highest potential. Utilizing skills , specifically the skills learned in my Core Energy training, we (you and I), create a relationship and a new path helping you to shift your awareness and move your dreams forward. Let's talk about your personal development, where you wish to be with your health and fitness, where you are on your spiritual journey and who you want to show up as in your relationships.   

     Email me to set up a free discovery session, treat yourself and learn more.

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