• Susan J Hilger


     Money! It's always on our minds, in the forefront or lingering way in the back. We think about it, want it, miss it, need it, worry about it, argue over it.

     Why is it such a challenging topic?

     After a few years of struggle, feeling like any chance I had of manifesting abundance would always elude me, I got it. I still get it. As Louise Hay so light-heartedly expresses, money is only an exchange of currency, and it’s our beliefs about it and about our self worth that create our outcome.

     Is it the root of all evil or is money something we all deserve to have enough of? Is there a voice telling you you aren’t good enough, or that others deserve to have money, but not you. Are all of your money thoughts drowning in drudgery, hard work and nevers? 

     Sounds crazy, I know. Truthfully, though, there is enough and we are enough. Prosperity isn’t just reserved for the rich, it’s only blocked by our fears and doubts. If we believe we are worthy, and that we will have what we need, if we trust and know, opportunities and abundance are available to us, any and all of us.

     If you are focussed on scarcity, change your view. Visualize abundance. Start seeing yourself living the life you deserve. Louise Hay shares some very valuable visualizations and affirmations in her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life.’ I usually recommend this book to  people I coach. She offers us a tremendous amount of positive and reasonable ideas to empower and create a new belief system. 



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