• Susan J Hilger

What's In Our Way?

     We set goals. We know exactly where we want to go so why don’t we go?

     Something appears to be in our way. I know in my life, it’s been a number of things, low self esteem, rationalizations, embedded excuses.. I can’t go right now, I don’t have the money, I’m going to stick things out, I’m too fat, I’m too thin, I’m not enough. Seriously, why do we indulge in these mental blocks? There are so many opportunities out there for us if we allow ourselves to trust.

     Ahhhh, trust you say. This is a huge one for me. Not so much in trusting other people, but in believing that life will be okay, that the universe or our God will provide for us. The world is our OYSTER, Yes! So cheezy and so absolutely true. We need to see that pearl and KNOW it is ours.

     Perhaps you were ridiculed at some point in your life, creating new fears. Maybe you followed a dream and the path you chose didn’t fly. Maybe there is more than one path. I believe there is. Life is tricky, full of distractions, postponements, commitments, obligations. Oooohhh, so weighty, isn't it? How do we pare this list down so we get around to sitting down with our true selves.

     How do we begin to address our fears? How long do we want these limiting beliefs to stall our life? These are questions most of us face or have faced at some stage of life.

     How can I support you in answering all of these questions? Let me know, I am here!

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