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Difficult Choices

Difficult Choices …

When talking to our loved one about future care, it’s best to have a strategy for structuring the conversation. As a coach, I work to keep the lines of communication within the family open, to offer a safe and encouraging space for a spouse or family member to share their thoughts and feelings as they are asked to make tough decisions.

I chose this specific area to focus my work in because I know it all too well, and my first encounter with it was overwhelming. I was one of the primary caretakers for my dad in his later years and final months. My sister and I could not find common ground to work from and we didn’t agree on most of the significant choices we needed to make. This made for a very challenging time helping our father when he needed us the most.

Years later as we faced even tougher choices with our mother because she also needed Memory care; we were wiser, and still it wasn’t ever easy. Very often, we don’t know where to begin, we may have unrealistic expectations and we may have a number of family members who need to come to agreement on these important decisions for our loved ones.

This is why knowing you have support, that you have a strategy and a way to work through the process, and you have help developing your action plan is comforting. You are going through this with someone who understands your experience.

Susan J Hilger

Life Strategist, helping you with the journey.

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