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The Gap

“When feeling urgent, you must slow down.” Mark Nepo

     By empowering ourselves, we are able to help others do the same. And as coaches, we need to be willing to recognize and own our toughest lessons. A big one for me, is most certainly my reluctance to sit still when I think I need to act, to quiet my mind when it wants to get out of control. As Mark Nepo so eloquently says it, “Now more than ever, when all feels urgent, you must cut the strings to all events.” Why is it so painful to sit with it, to wait, to trust and know the better news arrives with tomorrow.

     I love that this idea of ‘urgency’ repeated itself today after hearing it in a ‘coaching’ style webinar yesterday. Chris Pearse, the speaker, and formerly an engineer, addressed this as a gap between stimulus and reaction (very engineer-like), stressing the need to suspend the solution. He emphasized the importance of identifying the gap between these two and to shut down the need to ‘fix’ or solve this.

     What else comes to mind when this situation presents itself. Our why? Why do we feel the need to respond, why is it so difficult to let go of the outcome, to breathe, to grow? Maybe it’s our need to control, to label and blame something or someone. And now we remember this: “We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”

     As I work through my rush to know, to fix to control, to find answers, I am pushing myself to release, to see these problems or urgencies through a new lens, try on a safe and knowing perspective.

      As I continue my personal work and growth, I’ll finish with this thought for today, another ‘Nepoism’ …

     "Now more than ever, when each decision feels like the end, you must believe that each question is a beginning.”

     Thanks to Mark Nepo, “The Book of Awakening” and to Chris Pearse, coach and engineer for lending wisdom as I take on this lesson of slowing down.

#coaching #mindfulness #trust #release #control

#coach #Mindfulness #Reacting #Patience #Trusting

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