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3 Irrefutable Reasons to Hire a Coach ...

     I’m a coach, specifically a life strategist, and there’s no doubt this is the thing I was meant to do. I am filled with passion when I’m working with clients, helping them tap into their own power, to organize a strategy so they can carve their own exciting path.

     Yesterday, as I was finishing a call with MY coach who keeps me in check, I remarked that he worked wonders with what might be considered a ‘therapy’ gremlin by some. ‘But I’m finished doing therapy’ I said, ‘I’ve done enough’. He chuckled in his response: ‘Ahhh, that’s a limiting belief if I’ve ever heard one.’

     Later in the day, on Instagram, a popular and successful yogi made a similar comment about coaching. She was tired of the email solicitations suggesting she hire them with big promises to change her life.

     Yes, coaches help many people create change, big or small by helping to empower themselves. The truth is that coaching and therapy make a difference and help many of us at one time or another, but neither is for everyone, all the time, always.

     Why am I writing this? Because we have choices, big fat, juicy choices. Why will I opt out of therapy right now? I’m busy flying on my own. Why is she not interested in coaching? She’s a yogi, she’s already peeling her layers to see what’s inside. It’s all gray area, there are no true absolutes.

     You are also apt to make a similar decision. Maybe you don’t feel it’s the right time, or that a coach cannot change your current work or home status. Maybe you feel stuck and that’s just the way your life needs to go for a while. These are all possibilities.

     Also possible is that you are tired of feeling stuck, and you can’t see all of your options. Or that you’ve attempted to make significant changes to your life in the past and they didn’t seem to work out very well or go as you hoped they would. It’s possible that you think making the changes just aren’t worth the trouble because you may not be enough to meet up to the challenges ahead. Any of these obstacles may be keeping you from stepping out to the ledge.

     This brings us to 3 significantly good reasons to hire a coach.

     1.Your desire is to become an effective and inspiring leader, and a coach offers the skills and tools to empower you in your role as well as your staff to be more productive and successful.

     2. You are not quite sure how you are coming across in your interpersonal relationships, but you often feel as if you are bumbling through your conversations, or not putting out the vibe you want to attract. A coach can show you how you are showing up and also how to shift your energy to where you truly want to be: living your life, free and open to all that’s available to you.

     3. You make a million promises to yourself, have a list of dreams and goals, but you never seem to get around to taking that first step. Coaches provide achievable action plans and help you remain accountable so you can see your goals come to life.

     Food for thought, take your time or try one on. Discovery sessions are complimentary.



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