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Is Your Energy Working For You?

“Happiness is a risk. If you’re not a little scared, you’re not doing it right.” Sarah Addison Allen

In the coaching industry, we spend a tremendous amount of time discussing the scope of the business, the marketing, and proving the value of coaching. Always in the back of my mind, is the same question. Why?If you ever spend one hour with a coach, you will know it’s going to be the catalyst in changing your path, your life, it’s going to be the one thing that motivates you into action. I feel we, as coaches, get too caught up in coach-speak with words like clarity, intentions, empowering, dream fulfilling, so many intangible concepts that are easy for potential clients to skim over or not fully comprehend. Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe in setting intentions, in the coach’s empowering skills, in fulfilling goals and dreams. I believe it and have created this for myself. If I can, you can.

Many of you who are seeking something new or better, are not feeling ready or you would have moved on the change already. This is where the coaching comes in. We start with a very simple and accurate assessment called the Energy Leadership Index, based on 7 levels of energy created by the founder of IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). This assessment studies your behavior and attitude in a variety of situations using the core energy coaching process. It also measures your energetic reaction to stress. Let’s talk about these levels briefly.

When the client shows up in level one or two energy, they are fueled by what we refer to as catabolic energy, a resisting or negative energy. In level one, you may feel helpless, victimized, unmotivated. Level two you are likely more combative, frustrated, possibly angry and willing to blame others for any misfortune. As you shift into level three, you are now in an anabolic energy stage where you are constructive, expanding and experience more growth potential. Level 3 is more about tolerance, rationalization. In level three you are taking reponsibility for your own thoughts and actions

The anabolic energy levels, 3 through 7, are ripe with opportunity to continue to shift upward, to grow as humans and as great leaders, whether it be in your work environment, at home, with friends or as a parent. One thing we all learn here, is that as we choose a higher consciousness in our day to day life, we start to attract the same type of behavior and people to us. This is when true joy, passion and life purpose are revealed to us and we begin to know a life of quality and fulfillment. We now know how to create and write our story the way we have always envisioned it and to realize our goals. As we raise our level of awareness and understanding, we increase our level of success as a leader in all aspects of our life.

How does coaching help you create this? As a team or partnership, you and your coach continue to raise your self awareness or consciousness to the higher anabolic levels so you can experience freedom, creativity and the potential for real happiness. As the client, you are investing a significant amount of time, energy and trust into the coaching process with an understanding for accountability. This is clearly your investment in yourself and your life.

Coaching works, and more and more people realize that it makes sense to work with someone who is nonjudgemental, who listens, who is trained to assist them in managing their life. What if I told you we can begin today with a free discovery hour and an opportunity to take this ELI assessment to get you started ? Please email me : info@Susanjcoaching.com, or book a consultation here: https://www.susanjcoaching.com/contact.

I can’t wait to here from you!

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