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Creating Joy 💫🌟🍭

Creating Joy 💫🌟🍭 Every year the holidays roll in and every year it's a different ride for me. Please don't feel bad if it's just not working for you. We aren't all filled with happiness and excitement because the calendar day changes. I love staying positive so I grab every little piece of joy I can find and build a holiday with those pieces. Last year, we celebrated our first Christmas in our new home in Florida. I'll admit, I was a bit nervous about my joy factor since it's never been automatic for me. Actually, a few of my past holidays were hard! My soul whispered to me ... get near the water, sit in the sunshine, laugh a lot, eat something delicious, or two. Enjoy bubbles or a fine glass of wine, ride your bike, be with nature. So I followed the whisper into the St. Pete waterfront and we ate like kings, stared at beautiful birds and boats, walked and laughed, lost our car, found more food. We got up the next day, hit the road on our bikes, found the sea and the herons and sailboats. So maybe you gather your bits of joy and bundle them together to make a day for yourself. Listen to your heart and soul. They know. Soul work. My favorite thought ... "Merry everything and a happy always" ... with love, create joy all year, not just at the holidays ❤🍷🎸 #holidayseason #expectations #piecesofjoy #soulwork 

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