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The Boundary Letters

Why do I need a Boundary Letter for my business?

The reason is simple. Creating agreeable boundaries is likely to reduce or eliminate misunderstandings thereby leading to more satisfied customers and a more efficient business plan. In the age of texting and emailing, it's so easy for a client to breakthrough your privacy at home to ask one quick question or command attention.

Some nights, the instant you sit down to relax, or to eat dinner your phone beeps. Yes you can ignore it or not reply, but now the thought is stuck in your brain. Maybe you start to wonder what the client needs, the fear of disappointing them. Establishing boundaries with our clients helps us to deliver our best work to you in a timely fashion. It also enables us to build relationships based on a solid infrastructure of your company values.

Rather than experience unpleasant thoughts, feel a sense of guilt or even blame, why not establish clearly the way you love to do business at the start of building the working relationship?

Where do we draw these boundary lines?

Where do we draw these boundary lines?

How do we prefer to communicate during your project?

Today there are so many ways to choose from like texting, calling or emailing. Why not decide from he start which is most compatible for everyone.

Convenient times to communicate about the client's project:

We all tend to have some type of morning routine whether it be sleeping til the last second, walking our pups, working out at home or the gym or maybe a leisurely breakfast with our family. Do we want a text during any of these activities, most likely the answer is no. Early in the business relationship, establish convenient times for both parties, excluding the odd chance of a business emergency in which text or calling may be the quickest method.

Preferred form and schedule for Payment:

This may be the most important aspect of the relationship to discuss from the start, misunderstandings can be expensive for either party. Of course the amount of money being charged is typically discussed early on, yet the method of payment and schedule of the payments is sometimes left out of early discussions and someone ends up very surprised and occasionally unhappy with the terms. The exchange of money for some is extremely personal and needs to be addressed from the beginning.

Choose your preferred form of receiving payment and the schedule you need to adhere to and communicate this clearly to your client. This leaves no room for misunderstandings.

Project Time Frame:

We find this topic is brushed over frequently by both parties, and is often the stress point once into the project. Perhaps the client is in a hurry and you were not aware of this ahead of time. Now you are feeling rushed, and you fear the quality of your work will suffer. This is often a very uncomfortable place to find yourself because you are well into this work with this client.

Bring this up in the first meeting. Establish how quickly this work needs to be completed. This is sometimes a game changer, and determining this up front may save a lot of discontentment for all.

This is probably the tip of the iceberg, but a good start for realizing how valuable this document can be for every single work project you accept. Fewer misundertandings, happier clients and happier company staff. This needs to be a very customized document, one we are prepared to create for your company for a very reasonable fee. Let us know if you're feeling the need to draw clearer lines for yourself, your staff and you customers.

#boundaries #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #coaching #consulting

#boundaries #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #Coaching #consultant #Income

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