• Susan J Hilger

Name 3 aspects of yourself or your life you wish were Different!

Now decide! I always prefer to start a coaching relationship with a values and ELI assessment! Why? Because they reveal so much that’s holding us back! 

Why choose the ELI above other assessments? The ELI or Energy Level Index is an incredibly accurate measure of your perceptions and attitude and shows your individual lens you may have developed over time. What's beautiful is that these are aspects of yourself that are not permanent and can be shifted. Would you like to know how to be less impacted by the energy of those around you? The Energy Leadership Index can increase your awareness so you can create more effective responses to those difficult situations, thereby allowing you to feel comfortable and confident. Your ELI scores will show you: Your leadership potential, in life and in your career; How your individual lens or filter is affecting how you relate to others; What is impacting or triggering your reactions and new ways to create more satisfaction and to design your own life. Visit my site to book your appointment, experience a 90 minute debrief session in the week following your assessment to understand your results and what steps are ahead to claim your personal power and start designing your own life! Let’s do this! https://lnkd.in/eZzz2DH #assessments #perception #eliassessment #coaching #personalpower #designyourownlife 

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