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Hi, I'm Susan ... a certified professional coach, helper, consultant, and artist. I am the founder of Agile Hearts, an online community.

Your experience working with me will include 1:1 coaching time, assessments, and kind accountability to keep you moving forward.

About Coaching

Born in New York, I spent most of my youth in rural North Jersey just 33 miles from NYC. I come from a working-class family. My dad was a homebody who thrived outdoors; he gardened, raised animals, loved nature and taught us to love it too. Mom was very social, a talented and highly trained vocalist who taught and loved music. She gave us her gift of song and city culture. I grew up loving to play and explore outside, and yet there weren’t many Broadway tunes and camp songs I didn’t know.


I have degrees in Psychology and Business as well as Professional Coach certification from IPEC.  I work with leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives – guiding them to succeed in reaching personal and professional goals. I use a variety of skills and methodologies, and I believe client/coach trust is foundational for successful outcomes. My aim is to build and develop trust and use kind accountability to help clients create and employ effective paths toward change.  


I am filled with gratitude for the many opportunities I have every day to learn, coach and help others. Some have told me this was always my calling, and I’m proud to say they are right. I’ve been of service to people ever since I was a small child, and it’s no surprise that it’s one of my core values now. I look forward to meeting you.


* As the client, you create your agenda, and you share your vision. Together we co-create a plan that keeps you moving forward toward your goal with passion and

We are all creative and capable humans. While we will be exploring specific topics and challenges, trust that transformation will likely show up in all areas of your life because we are holistic beings.

* As your coach, I will hold a safe nonjudgemental space for you, meeting you where you are. I will engage in active listening, encourage you and honor your investment to grow and learn. 

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