Coaching Works


It doesn't matter why you have chosen a coach, what challenges you are up against, your choice to find and hire a coach is a personal and brave one.  

You are possibly juggling a busy lifestyle with a career along with many other demands.


Maybe you are seeking a more authentic and meaningful existence. Some of my clients feel they have it all, yet feel incomplete, and are seeking more.

What challenges are you currently facing?

  1. Creative blocks?

  2. Managing your TIME?

  3. Uncertain Job market?

  4. Spouse/family has expectations?

  5. Your Expectations? PERFECTIONISM?

  6. Financial Concerns/Obligations?

  7. You Want to be working in a Career YOU LOVE?

Some days may feel overwhelming and seeking ‘YOU’ time seems completely out of reach.


Let’s talk for a minute:

Creating an authentic lifestyle that works with your professional and family life is possible.

Clear and concise goals, action steps (sometimes baby steps work well), improved communication with family and/or coworkers and personal relationships. These are possible.

I invite you to carve out the life you want now, start with a complimentary discovery chat with me. 

Life doesn't wait for us!


Meet Susan ...

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult."

E. B. White


I love working with passionate individuals and leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit to enhance communication skills, fine tune intuition and self awareness to feel more comfortable in their own skin. How can you live more authentically? 


Once we allow ourselves to be open, to keep healthy boundaries for our self and our business, we begin to claim or reclaim our personal power.

“The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.” - Michelangelo

My work is my life purpose, there is no doubt. I partner with creative individuals and solopreneurs seeking to enhance their career, be part of a community and enjoy change and transformation without fear. My clients seek a greater sense of purpose in their life. Our work includes values work, discovering each person's 'story' and understanding your fear and those limiting beliefs you can finally let go of.
I facilitate leadership calls for small businesses who want to reach their team in a more powerful manner.

I’m passionate about helping creatives and entrepreneurs learn to trust their gut, to use a creative approach to self reflection, personal insight and a more holistic approach to how they view their mental and physical health.

“Susan has a large value system that comes out in her work with clients, to name a few, respect, loyalty and honesty. What I love most about her is that she will always tell me the truth no matter what it is, and she will wrap it up in her own delicate way but will make sure the message comes across.”

I've spent my career successfully partnering with entrepreneurs, freelance or contract individuals and corporate executives. Recognition of each client’s unique personal history, experience and strengths allows me to tailor a coaching program with results. I spends a great deal of time with inspired high achievers.

Clients enjoy the importance of this experience and the newfound awareness that carry forward throughout their life and career. I am deeply motivated and involved with the progress of my clients and myself as a coach, and believe progress and motivation will provide tools for future success. My coaching process provides a multifaceted perspective designed to help clients realize their own expectations and the expectations of those they interact with.

Zoom or Face Time Calls for Leadership and Support Teams
Energy Leadership Index - MP, an assessment tool.
Values Discovery Workshop created by Susan J Hilger 

Also certified in Energy Leadership Index - Master Practioner, an incredible assessment tool helping to determine how our attitude or perception affects our approach to all aspects of our life.


When I'm not coaching, I'm spending time with my partner and 3 rescue pups, biking, practicing reiki, yoga and enjoying seaside life.



I hold a BA in Business, Psychology,ACC, CPC, ELI - MP

Philanthropy: Ethical Coach Events and Marketing Team, Social Media;  Project HALO no-kill animal shelter

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