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Initial Discovery Call 

An opportunity for us to meet and get acquainted (30 min.) 

Individual Coaching 

We meet 3 times/month for one on one time spent working through your challenges, providing you with new skills to navigate life from your heart space. 

Distance Reiki/Coaching

90 minutes of healing and holding space with you

Group Coaching 

Scheduled group coaching time will offer you the benefits of understanding and working with others who share similar life intentions and aspirations. 

Project/Business Calls 

These are 2 hour sessions designed for creativity, brainstorming and serious play 


A program designed for invigorating conversations around your next business or start-up adventure. A monthly immersive experience where we meet with each other 15 days/month (typically we meet every other day to keep 'the ball rolling' for your next achievement). 


Energy Leadership Index - a 90 minute debrief follows your taking of this assessment. 

Values Discovery Workshop

Core values discovery assessment that helps you really hone in on what matters most to you and helps you live a life aligned with those values. 

Community Membership: 

Agile Hearts Online Community


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