Susan has been in my corner for over 2 years and what a tremendous rock steady support she has been. My spirit knew I was created for more than a corporate job, most days it felt like chains. A tugging on my heart and soul, guiding me to a different path, led me straight to her. Through this journey there have been days that felt" like mountains to cross, but with her help, perspective, and a few laughs it all started to feel achievable, and I saw the opportunity to change the direction of my life. She helped me shine a light, in what sometimes felt like a dark tunnel, a light that helped me find my way! I sit here now writing you after leaving my corporate job 5 months ago and pursuing my dreams and living the life i was designed for. Trusting in myself and understanding that the universe truly does support us has awakened a different part of me I did not know existed before. Without a shadow of doubt, I know I was led to Susan - She is what my heart and soul needed at that exact time in my life. Her graciousness, guidance and coaching helped me face all of my road blocks to a new path of self discovery and for this i will forever be thankful.


Finding Susan was a serendipitous moment in my life. After our first session I remember feeling seen and heard for the first time since I was nineteen years old. She reminded me of the power that I have within my soul. With her grace, support, and guidance I made a wildfire out of a glowing spark. I no longer apologize for my fire; I embrace my vulnerability.


As I faced losing my job I turned to Susan for coaching to help with the transition. For the first time in my life I wanted to control where I would be in my future. I wanted a coach that would help me cultivate my inner desires, strengths, and talents. I wanted to find meaningful work, not just a job. Susan is to coaching what a gardener is to a plant. She may plant a seed, set you in the light, care for your wilted past, water your ideas, and cheer as you bloom! Her actual tools are questions, strength assessments, journaling, affirmations, goal setting and more. With a balanced mixture of discussion and practice I gained much needed confidence and direction to go after the life I dreamed of. I was packed in some pretty hard dirt and turning it over took some time. Susan gave me tools to help me see that I am worth the work and I could do it. It has been at least a year and I am continuing on the path we started. I feel I continue to grow and bloom. I have meaningful work and my income continues to strengthen. Susan’s coaching really moved me forward so much faster than I could have imagined. And now, the sky’s the limit!


When I first started working with Susan I was in the worst place of my life. I had just lost my life partner and had no sense of anything. Over the past 18 months Susan has led me to find a version of myself I would have never discovered on my own. With her guidance I have been able to find a comfort in being independent and discovering what makes me happy. She is an incredible person and I am so grateful she has taken the time to help shape my future into something I can look forward to and be excited about.


I’m tough., It’s not easy for me to take advice, let alone be coached. I base my decisions on facts. I can be opinionated, controlling, protective, and some would say I’m in my head a lot. I have gone to great lengths to make sure I’m right. I work every day for the future to be more successful, and as hard as I work, I wasn’t where I thought I should be by now, I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t fulfilled by my deeds nor the money. If anything, I was frustrated in realizing my goals were somehow empty. I didn’t know what I wanted anymore. This all changed, and I found my own answers with Susan’s help. Working together, my energy shifted, I saw new possibilities, I got a completely different prospective on what and why I get stuck. If you're tired of doing the same thing, knowing you’re not happy, you will not find a more skilled, professional certified coach! With great thanks, I enthusiastically recommend Susan Hilger for Coaching & Mentoring